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Cleaning and Maintenance of Granule Packaging Machine

April 15, 2022

Latest company news about Cleaning and Maintenance of Granule Packaging Machine

Good machinery and equipment need attention to cleaning and maintenance, especially for granule packaging machines. The role that the granule packaging machine can play is obvious to all. Today, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the granule packaging machine will definitely make improvements and adjustments to adapt to this high-speed development, and the exploration of the granule packaging machine has never been done. Stop, so the maintenance and maintenance of the granule packaging machine has become a very important factor in determining the degree of its role. We must seriously face these problems. The role of the device is also becoming more and more important, so more users will pay more attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

1. After the granule packaging machine is stopped, the metering part should be cleaned in time. For example, the packaging is sugar, salt, powder, liquid, etc., and it must be ensured that the feeding tray and turntable are cleaned every day so that they are not corroded.
2. The scattered materials on the tray should be cleaned up in time to keep the parts clean.
3. The photoelectric tracking light-emitting head, that is, the electric eye, should also be cleaned regularly to ensure the small error of the cursor tracking.
4. For the heat sealing body, it should be cleaned frequently to ensure the clear texture of the sealing.

5. Regularly clean the dust in the electric control box to prevent faults such as poor contact of the particle packaging machine.

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